About us

We don’t feel like a family. We are a family. We try to interpret certain values ​​at the table and feel that, we are mediators of a regional culinary tradition which is still alive today.

This is why sitting down at the table represents a dimension made up of meanings that can give back authentic expression to eating, a gesture based on knowledge.

The passion that Mrs. Annamaria Tarantini expresses in the kitchen is unmeasurable. She is a woman with immense experience and with enough curiosity that she is continually looking towards creating different culinary combinations. Creating dishes that speak of a territory to which we are intimately linked. Landscape as “palette” from which draws typicality and will delight you on every occasion.

Equally scrupulous is the attention of our staff which will deliver the utmost professionalism.

This is the true soul of our restaurant, where we want gastronomy to be sharing, kind and passionate. Where Roberto, patron of the house, loves to make you feel at ease as does all the staff who, never lack cordiality.